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Video Downloads


Fake Forest Day video report and speaker presentations 

 For those not able to attend 'FAKE FOREST DAY' held in Durban during the UNFCCC COP17 climate change action delaying negotiations; a short video overview of this event, including snippets from speaker presentations can be viewed at http://youtu.be/mfg_4Mru2jA     

    Speaker presentations on YouTube- Click on the names 
  01 Winnie Overbeek (World Rainforest Movement)   Winnie Overbeek of the WRM (World Rainforest Movement) speaks about the International Plantations Campaign, and how monoculture tree plantations ...   02 Carlos Afana (La Via Campesina) Carlos Afana of UNAC in Mocambique (Member of La Via Campesina) speaks on how tree plantations established on community land impact on peasant farmers' livelihoods.   03 Simone Lovera (Global Forest Coalition) Simone Lovera of the Global Forest Coalition (GFC) describes problems arising from the confusing official definitions applied to forests and tree plantations.   04 Tom Goldtooth (Indigenous Environmental Network) Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) speaks at the Fake Forest Day held in Durban on 4th December 2011 on how monoculture .    05 Tsietsi Chabatsane Tsietsi Chabatsane from Lesotho describes the negative effects of tree plantations in his country 06 Blessing Karumbidza (Timberwatch Coalition) Blessing Karumbidza of the Timberwatch Coalition in South Africa speaks on the establishment of monoculture tree plantations as a false solution ...   07 Rachel Smolker (Biofuel Watch) BiofuelWatch's Rachel Smolker speaks on the dangers of the large-scale demand for biomass as fuel in energy generation. See www.biofuelwatch.org   08 Bongani Mthembu (SDCEA) Representing the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA), Bongani Mthembu describes how the processing of timber from industrial ...   09 Helena Paul (Econexus) Helena Paul of Econexus describes the way in which large-scale tree plantations destroy biodiversity and undermine the livelihoods of rural people.   10 Anne Petermann (GJEP) Anne Petermann of the Global Justice Ecology Project (GJEP) provides an overview of the state of play with the timber industry pushing of ...   11 Philip Owen GeaSphere) Philip owen describes how GeaSphere actively opposes the spread of timber plantations which destroy biodiverse grasslands and impact negatively on ...   12 Larry Lohmann (The Cornerhouse) Larry Lohmann of the Corner House in the UK explores the links between tree plantations and colonialism.  
Timberwatch Videos   Timberwatch has produced two short videos to highlight problems related to tree plantations.   In June 2000 a documentary produced by Don Guy was launched at a plantations symposium.   "Timberwatch 2000 - Oh Deer!"   In 2005 with support from the Bateleurs "Flying for the Environment" Rehana Dada produced a video focussing on the uncontrolled spread of illegal plantations in South Africa.   "Illegal Timber Plantations - A Growing Problem in South Africa"  

Other videos relating to plantations can be found on the WRM (World Rainforest Movement) website.

"The Green Invasion"  

A SILENT FOREST - The Growing Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees,

a video featuring David Suzuki, is an excellent documentary on the subject of GE (genetically engineered) trees.  See critical commentary on GE trees and view the video HERE